Samsung releases official teaser video for Galaxy Note 8

Trust Samsung to make a splash for its flagship smartphones. Nine days before it is officially unveiled, the Note 8 was teased in an official video released by Samsung. The smartphone is scheduled to be launched onAugust 23 and has seen its fair share of leaks and rumours in the last one month or so.

Sarahah app: Here’s why some are loving and some hating this viral app

The white envelopes sit against an aquamarine backdrop, inviting anonymous messages that range from declarations of love to criticisms that may not have been possible face to face. They are from a new app called Sarahah, which has become the most downloaded free app on the iOS store in the last two months. In India, 7.2 million people have signed up for its web service though a count of app downloads was not available

Can a Solar Eclipse Really Blind You?

People across the United States will have the chance to see a total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, the first time the spectacle was viewable from the continental U.S. since 1979. While it may be tempting to brush off warnings about looking up at this eclipse bare-eyed, don’t: The light of an eclipse really can damage your eyes — though warnings of total blindness may be overstated.

There are 200 million of them and they’re richer than ever. So why aren’t China’s singles doing more for the economy?

With as many single adults as the entire populations of Russia and the UK combined, it’s little wonder companies have spotted the potential to profit from China’s enormous army of young, free-spending singletons.