Death by nerve gas is an ugly way to go. When the residents of Khan Sheikhoun, a small village in western Syria, woke up on the morning of April 4, they had no idea what lay in store for them. Just before 7 a.m., planes dropped bombs on the town, and shortly thereafter, observers watched from the distance as a cloud of gas covered the town. It was clear that these were not conventional bombs.

Footage released by CNN on Tuesday showed the gruesome aftermath of the attack, in which 92 people died. In the video, children and adults can be seen gasping, foaming at the mouth, and convulsing. While the exact type of poison used in the April attack is not clear, evidence points to nerve gas. Shortly after the attack, the Syrian America Medical Society (SAMS) released a statement that said the evidence from people on the scene pointed strongly to a nerve gas like sarin.


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