Remember when Chrome was exciting? It wasn’t too long ago when Google’s web browser was seen as a godsend, a minimalist and speedy alternative to the stagnant husk of Internet Explorer.

Now, Chrome is at a point of dominance. And though it’s not as messy as IE was at its peak, the magic has worn off. It’s generally not the most power-efficient thing, either. But people still download it, because that’s the thing you do when you get a computer. It’s set the standard for other browsers, too.

In this light, Opera’s Neon browser makes sense. The Norway-based software company released the so-called “concept browser” this past January, with the aim of envisioning a potential next step for where web browsers may go. Life Weekend 2017-04-30&utm_term=Life Select – Engaged%2C Active%2C Passive%2C Disengaged/#the-few-tricks-neon-does-try-though-are-elegant-for-instance-you-can-create-a-split-screen-view-within-the-browser-by-simply-dragging-a-tab-to-the-top-of-the-window-this-is-similar-to-what-windows-10-supports-on-a-native-level-8


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