If you’re like many 30-year-old Americans, you probably spent your 20s finishing up college, finding your first real job, taking some risks, making connections and hopefully having some fun.

Now that you’re in your 30s, you’re moving into a different realm. These are the years to firmly establish yourself in your career and begin climbing the corporate ladder — or perhaps breaking out to forge your own way as a millionaire. You may also be thinking about building a life with a partner, having kids and planning for your long-term future.

This is also the period when many fall into major money pitfalls that sap their finances for years — or even decades — to come. With so much going on with work and life, it’s easy to focus on the here-and-now and put aside your bigger financial goals. However, this will leave you scrambling later in life. Think of this article as a map to help you bypass those monetary gaffes.

Avoid these 10 money mistakes in your 30s, and you will set yourself up for financial freedom in your 40s and beyond.



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