Pundits often cite the North Korean regime’s crimes against its citizens as proof of Kim Jong-un’s irrationality as a leader. These crimes, as exhaustively documented by former High Court justice Michael Kirby for the UN Human Rights Council, are monstrous and inexcusable.

Grave as they are, they do follow a discernible logic from the perspective of Kim’s efforts to consolidate his regime’s hold on power. Perversely, US President Donald Trump’s sabre-rattling plays into Kim’s logic of domestic power that positions the US as a dire threat, justifying the regime’s political repression.

http://theconversation.com/trump-and-north-korea-military-action-will-be-a-disaster-so-a-more-patient-thoughtful-solution-is-required-76318?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=The Weekend Conversation – 72335489&utm_content=The Weekend Conversation – 72335489+CID_04ecd1b7ef47f45a01ccb501c012f54e&utm_source=campaign_monitor&utm_term=Trump and North Korea military action will be a disaster so a more patient thoughtful solution is required


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