It was recently brought to my attention that I use a lot of profanity.

If profanity offends you, please keep in mind that you just clicked on an article with the f-bomb in the title—so, no judgment, please.

I should preface this by saying that while I curse like a drunken sailor on the regular, I am aware of time and place. I don’t, for instance, use profanity around children, or my parents, or in a work situation. I don’t even use it in every article I write.

Yes, I do use it occasionally on Facebook—although abbreviations often suffice. Some of my favorites include: af and FFS (“as f*ck” and “for f*ck’s sake,” for the unenlightened). I may use it lightheartedly with a friend or to express a strong feeling. It just depends.

I’ve been told that I’m “too intelligent” for that sort of language, and I do even get the occasional reader comment suggesting that I tone it down.


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