Skynet Is Real, But it Won’t Destroy Us (Hopefully)

It was oddly appropriate that director James Cameron introduced the world to Skynet—the fictional super AI which sought to eradicate humanity—in 1984.

According to Terminator lore, Skynet was created in the then-future 1990s to remove the human element from US nuclear defenses. But then Skynet became self-aware, initiated a global nuclear holocaust, and created an army of killer bots to take out the survivors, yadda yadda yadda.

Of course, this future dystopia was conceived long before anything like capable robots or artificial intelligence even existed. Fast forward to 2017 and human-optional tech isn’t only out in the real world, but engineers are scrambling to devise ways to give them even moreresponsibilities. All around the world, autonomous mini-Skynets are becoming a (hopefully benevolent?) reality.




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